Why travels are the best start for sports?

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In everyday routine, we can put off going to the gym or on a run to infinity. While one trip to a sports camp or a physical vacation can be the beginning of a life with a high level of useful activity. Today you can find rest with pleasant sports trainings at any level of preparation. Choose what you like: racing camps (wound camps), surfing camps, biking tours, yoga camps, fitness tours and even dance trips. It may seem that all these useful activities will be carried away only during the journey, and upon returning home everything will return to its own place. In fact, the goal of the cross-country camps and yoga camps is another – to charge with motivation for a long time and to instill the idea of sports as an important part of life, a daily habit. Even experienced athletes go on such trips to concentrate on training, not being distracted by work, and, perhaps, to a new level.

Advantages of sports rest for beginners
It will not be possible to postpone it until Monday. Not always it turns out at once to get a useful habit. Everyday problems, procrastination, fatigue and other reasons make us choose a cozy sofa. Very often the thought arises, “I’ll start exactly tomorrow,” but the motivation is enough until the morning when you need to get up and leave the house. If the trip to the hall can be postponed indefinitely, then few people will miss the flight. Tickets paid for, vacation is decorated. There is a clearly marked date, which exists not only in the head.

Pleasant first impressions – the best motivation
The beginning of sports is often overshadowed by the first unfortunate experience. In theory, everything is easy, but now he made a couple of hundred steps and was tired, started to choke, around the cars and uncomfortable breathing. And tomorrow, according to the forecast, it’s also raining. And now you are telling that running is not for you. First impressions are very important – it’s an anchor, if the brain remembers that it’s nice to run or ride a bicycle, then there is more chance of continuing classes later. Comfortable conditions, warm and nice around, nice people close by, good mentor – these are the right steps to the sporting habit, without which you cannot live. Memories will then be pushed out of bed even into the very slush.

It’s easier to start in the company of like-minded people
In a small group, it’s easier to train than yourself. You are more in tone, there is no way to take your mind off the phone or think about anything else. As a rule, on such trips mentally close people gather, who quickly find a common language and together go to the goal. Group motivation forces you to do a couple more steps, jump a couple of centimeters higher, hold your back more evenly. In the group you see that the rest is not easy, so you stop being embarrassed by your difficulties.

Double portion of endorphins
Endorphins are hormones that are produced in the brain in a natural way, their action is similar to that of opiates: they reduce pain and affect mood. The very fact of traveling to a new steep place gives pleasure. Sport, or rather intensive training, acts about the same. It turns out “two for the price of one” – training and the atmosphere of a new place. You can run along the ocean coast, do yoga at sunset, ride a bicycle along the mountain serpentine. One is superimposed on the other, and the effect is intensified.