Why traveling alone is a good idea

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A conscious decision to go on a trip alone gives an opportunity to get to know yourself and discover new resources.

It’s easy to break at any moment
I need a restart, I want a new picture, it’s important to see the sea, miss the mountains, see the special offer of the airline, find a burning tour, dream to fall asleep at the knock of the wheels, do not want to stay in the city for a birthday – these and a hundred more reasons can cause an acute desire to go to journey. It’s much easier to solve all logistics issues quickly if it’s only about you.

Do not need to search for a company
For various reasons, not all fit the format of family recreation, and not everyone can boast of easy friends. When we search for a company for travel, we often agree to travel with those who are not close to us or familiar. This can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or maybe a string of tests and a source of constant irritation. Of course, we learn to accept people together with those parties that are not close to us. But do you want to do it on vacation?

You can relax from bored roles
In daily communication with a close circle, colleagues and acquaintances, we act on a certain, once laid down concept. Spending a few days not obeying him means remembering who you are when you are not a daughter / girlfriend / employee / mom / grandmother. You do not need to “hold your face” or justify someone’s expectations. You have one role – you are a traveler; you get new impressions to yourself in pleasure.

Freedom of choice
Fly on an airplane or go by train? Music in a column or in headphones? A day at the beach or on an excursion? Fast food or a picnic with healthy foods? All you decide, based on what you want. Moreover, you, perhaps for the first time in a long time, find yourself in a situation where there are no outsiders or automatically established elections, and you remember or re-realize what exactly is pleasing to you.

Real expectations
Together with culture, traditions, and also due to personal experience and experiences, we have developed certain stereotypes about how a family vacation, rest with friends or a fun company should look like. The mismatch of expectations with real experiences is not always easy. In this regard, to rest alone the least of all claims: it is initially the choice to just go somewhere alone. And everything else – happy coincidences, new friends, magical discoveries just for yourself – possible pleasant additions.

Meeting with you
In everyday life, even in isolation, we do not often manage to enter into a dialogue with ourselves. In the journey, the temptation to hang over the comments on Facebook remains, but still a lot of situations are created where general relaxation, new impressions, and the beauty of the moment allow us to begin trusting communication with ourselves. If you do not get distracted, through these experiences you can come to renewal and understanding how to move on. This is a very important and spirit-lifting feeling, and every time we are happy if we managed to bring it out of the trip.