Treasure Islands

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Recreation is a dream of haters of mass tourism. Although it may seem too predictable: a tropical paradise, white sandy beaches and a spa with coconut oil.

Fregate Island Private (Seychelles)
The main entertainment of the island Fregate – giant sea turtles, freely walking through the local jungle. In general Seychelles is one of the few places on earth where these turtles go ashore during the daytime for nesting. The frigate, in fact, is a reserve for two endangered species of reptiles: The Bissa and the green turtle. At this time, the guests of the island can see with their own eyes how hundreds of sea turtles lay eggs on the sandy shore and as then small turtles hatch out of them, which, together with adults, swim into the ocean.
In the reserve also live hundreds of thousands of birds of more than 100 species, and every evening at sunset you can observe huge flocks of white and gray terns hovering over the island after day fishing.
Even the Fregat has a glorious pirate past. In the XVII century, the robbers who attacked the ships of the British East India Company settled here. According to legend, it was on this island that treasure chests, about which Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote in his familiar for everyone novel “Treasure Island”, were buried. And about the times of the French colonial rule in the XVIII-XIX centuries recalls the Creole chapel. Therefore, the Frigate often plays weddings. This is a great place for wedding ceremonies and other celebrations.
The highest point of the island is Signal Hill, 125 m high. From the mountain you can see a breathtaking view of the jungle, beaches, rocks, ocean and neighboring islands. Right on the mountain, as, indeed, and throughout the island, you can cover the table at any time of the day.

Jumby Bay Island (Caribbean Islands)

First of all, this is not a hotel, but rather a condominium for billionaires. The island, which occupies 120 hectares in the Caribbean Sea, is owned by 40 private individuals – according to the British press, among them many well-known British aristocrats. They own 56 houses located on Jambi Bay, as well as a guest house with 40 rooms. During the absence of the owners, the guest house and part of the houses are rented out to all comers. In the island-hotel collection – houses with nine bedrooms and a direct access to the beach. It is so safe here that guests are not even given the keys to rooms and houses – it is believed that there is no one to lock out and there is no need. And the design is as simple as possible – they built it for themselves, and not for the sake of striking someone with luxury.
Upon arrival, you can send the children to the educational camp – there they will explore the nature of the jungle, prepare dishes of the Caribbean cuisine and play on national musical instruments. Adults in the meantime have the full right to attend in the spa with a bamboo massage and cosmetic products made from ingredients grown right there. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood are also their own – the hotel grows something independently, buys something from local farmers.
Of course, the island presents all kinds of active entertainment: tennis, surfing, hiking trails, swimming pools with fresh and ocean water, golfing, etc.