Travel rules for Indonesia

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There are such reserved places in the world where you need to go urgently, without delaying for tomorrow. The natural beauty and cultural heritage of the local population flow away under the onslaught of civilization, like sand through fingers. The Indonesian Archipelago Raja Ampat is one of the first in the list.

“I had not time to see It-I lost it”. And there is something to lose: coral sculptures-islands, bat flocks circling at sunset “black cloud”, warm pools in “gothic” caves, mushroom-shaped mountains in the cap of mangrove forests, lakes of jellyfishes and dolphin packs ready to escort you from shore to yacht.

On average, for 100 yachts ready to show you the Indonesian islands, there is one successful crew. Yacht here has to be chartered: the success of this expedition is 99% determined by the cruise manager as a connoisseur of the region. And there are no non-managerial people here – you have to hire along with the yacht.

In the waters of Raja Ampat – yachts hundreds: spacious, attractive and fast. But all this makes no sense, if at the helm – an amorphous team. Lazy, intractable, without a spark and enthusiasm.

How far you will go in your discoveries, in this region the team decides. And also: how often will the sun shine (the crew respond to the weather change), and fresh fish appear on the table (knowledge of the points of sale), how long can you enjoy natural miracles without getting out of the water (vigilant control at a respectable distance), and how much there will be these discoveries (readiness to change the route as needed).

To the south or to the north – not the main question. All roads end in total dissolution in the beauty of the local landscape. Here, the expression “the spirit captures” is not a figure of speech, but a capacious argument in favor of the chosen direction.

I’m waterborne. To study the terrain is not just from the water, but in the water – a dream in reality. The kind of pleasure dying out in the age of globalization awakens the spirit of the primitive man in you: when the trophy was not separated from physical strength. You swim and the miracles of nature open in front of you. Swim into the dark tunnel of the cave Tomolol, and there – “ceiling sculpture” from the outgrowths of fantastic shapes: almost Gothic cathedral! Something noisy in the distance is a waterfall, hidden from prying eyes. Swim out into the light, the emerald of mangrove beats in the eyes, raise your eyes – the top of the forest comes to life with a flock of bright parrots. Finally, tired and satisfied return to the yacht: there is a flock of dolphins, and with it – and the strength of the last march-throw.

When beauty is on guard for safety. Before the beauty of the local places, the sense of anxiety and danger, inseparable from the water and the rich life of the ocean, fades. On the security of beauty – a close and, at the same time, a delicate attention for each member of the expedition by the team.

Fresh fish are rare, because the water area of the archipelago is a marine reserve. On this myth, the yacht team will answer you: “Places you need to know.” Respond in word and deed, providing for breakfast, lunch and dinner fish ration. Varied (from tuna to cuttlefish), and fresh, from local fishermen, who wait on each section of the expedition: on land or in water. Earnings for local fisheries are a legal privilege.