Nontrivial Florence: come, taste, leave enthusiastic

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Florence is perfect for spring escape, to start a new season. And for those who are for the first time, and for those, there have been more than once. As the teacher of the history of art of the Florentine Lyceum Sonia Lolli says, Florence is an onion, every time you visit even the familiar Uffizi or the Duomo, something new always opens.

Florentine nesting dolls
Here is the corridor of Vasari, for example. Everyone knows about him, but very few people have. It’s great to take a stroll from the Uffizi over the Ponte Vecchio to the church of Santa Felicita, where the Medicis stopped for mass, and to the Palazzo Pitti. In May 2018, the Vasari corridor will be opened for a visit after repairs. Here is one of the most unique collections of paintings, especially the famous collection of self-portraits of outstanding artists: Rembrandt, Velasquez, Delacroix and many others.
For those who are interested in painting, it will be interesting to know that one of the largest private collections of art of the early XX century (450 unique paintings by Picasso, Cocteau, Bueno, Mario Sironi and other famous masters) belong to the Florentine family of Ferragamo. Yes, the one that still produces the same bags and shoes. For those who are interested in the art of the hotel guests, special programs dedicated to the individual master have been created and five art routes have been developed, according to which you can walk by yourself, taking an iPad from your room.

Walking in the city
In the spring, you have to walk, breathe the blossoming air of Tuscany. For the sophisticated connoisseurs of Florence, a hike among the flowering wisteria from Bardini Park with the villa of the same name in the direction of Forte di Belvedere, with an amazing view of Florence, is sure to be the opening. Forte di Belvedere a fortress built by the Medici in case of a siege or epidemic on one of the highest hills, was used by Galileo as an observatory.

Food, food, food
A separate route is to pass the gastronomic Florence. About the beefsteak in Florentine (fiorentina) heard everything. This meat cut from a special breed of cows, which is bred in the Florentine hills, slightly pickled and rare. As well as ribollita soup. From Florentine fast food, you need to pay attention to cocci (i coccoli). This is bread dough, fried in oil. Served with Stracchino cheese and Tuscan prosciutto. You can try this and other typical dishes on the indoor market. In Florence, the two most famous markets are San Lorenzo and Sant Ambrogio, both built in the XIX century. Now here besides counters with seasonal vegetables and fruit, hams, cheeses, wines and other delicacies it is possible to have a good snack in small eateries. A great place for a snack with a view of the dome of Brunelleschi caffeteria delle oblate. This nice place with a terrace of the terrace has been converted from an ancient convent. Its form and democracy are appreciated not only by tourists, but also by local residents.
In general, we recommend that you plan a spring escape to Florence. The beginning of the season will be unforgettable, full of magic and love. Florence is always a good idea.