Frauds in online and offline poker

Every year, poker attracts more and more people to its tables. Poker rooms in offer the best conditions for the game, but along with honest players, scammers also start playing it.
An attempt by fraudsters (cheaters) to steal money affects both the interests of honest players and the poker room or casino. For them, deceivers not only bad because of stealing money, but also because of spoiling a reputation.
Typical strategies to fraud in online poker:
several participants play at the same table by prior arrangement;
the use of special programs (cheats) that give one player an advantage over the others;
Bots that are able to perform the functions of a player at the table;
Creating multiple accounts (the so-called multi-accounts);
sale of the account to a professional player.
Experienced scammers often use these options for cheating:
Team play
It is implemented as a team game. Several people, communicating via Skype or phone, easily calculate the cards of the “victim”. It is based on an aggressive rate increase and no less aggressive raises.
Chip Dumping
A game in which one player intentionally loses to the other all the money or chips. One of the variations of chip dumping is carried out through the victim’s hacked account.
Bonus hunt
This option works against the poker room and is based on collecting free bonuses through an unlimited number of accounts.
Offline poker frauds
Tricks of scammers in offline poker most often manifest themselves as:
peering into the cards of rivals;
attempts to steal chips from the bank;
use of labeled cards.
Another tactic, which implies the existence of a trusting relationship between fraudsters, is a complex conspiracy. In addition, no matter how sophisticated the fraudsters are, they risk being detected and therefore do not stay for a long time in one place.
Reputable poker rooms use cutting-edge technology, in which there is a special intelligence designed to monitor the game process and identify suspicious actions before the players and the poker room itself is damaged. In order not to fall for the tricks of fraudsters, you should be attentive, and, most importantly, play in the most reliable poker rooms.