For all occasions: how to assemble a first aid kit to the road

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Even if you are traveling for a few days, it is better to think in advance about the medicines that may be needed. In addition, it is important to know the rules of transportation of drugs and the peculiarities of the work of pharmacies in different countries.

Legislative limitations
Prescription drugs need to capture the appointment of a doctor. In many countries, there are restrictions on the transport of drugs across the border (in any direction). This is especially true for psychotropic and serious pain relievers, but in most cases this does not apply to medicines for personal use as directed by a doctor. Therefore, take the medicine in its original packaging and with a prescription.

Check your vaccinations
The American Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends at least to make sure that you have general vaccinations (from tetanus and diphtheria, measles, rubella, mumps), and for individual countries, expand their list. In most countries of Asia, Africa and South America – hepatitis A. In parts of Africa is mandatory vaccination against malaria. When planning trips to the Baltic States and a number of countries in Eastern, Northern and Central Europe, vaccinations against tick-borne encephalitis should be planned in advance.

Basic components
All medications that you take on an ongoing basis, you need to take with a small margin, in case of unforeseen situations. The same applies to lenses and spare glasses, if you are not sure that in another country you can quickly buy what you need. Keep in mind that, for example, in the United States, lenses and glasses are sold only on prescription. For trips to the sunny climate – Sanskrit with SPF30 and above and funds after sunbathing. Placer plasters from calluses. Melatonin for sleep, if there is a big difference in time. Documents with traveler’s insurance and a card with emergency contacts of relatives.

Grab with you:
– pain relievers and antipyretic agents due to sudden temperature or headache;
– allergic drugs (if a reaction to something unpredictable has gone, the menu forgot to mention – ┬áthe ingredient or something is in bloom around it), but remember that some of them cause severe drowsiness and it is better not to drive;

Surfing the sea
Usually still quite close to civilization and doctors, but the pharmacy is not on every corner. Therefore, in such a trip, in addition to the list for the weekend, take a few more positions:
– antiseptic (in a convenient form – in the form of a spray or a powder) in case there is a need to disinfect something well;
– lollipops from the pain in the throat, because the cold often lies in wait where there is a big difference between the temperature on the street and in an air-conditioned room.
In most other cases, you can go to the pharmacy and talk to a pharmacist or go on insurance to a hospital on duty, where you will be examined by a doctor and prescribes a prescription.