Efficient planning of your trip

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The most organized and efficient plan to travel to the New Year holidays in July. This article tells how it is to buy a ticket in the event that long-term planning without huge costs. To save money, take on the tricks, which are used by experienced travelers. To be aware of the cost of tickets by direction and dates, download the Hopper app on the App Store or Google Play. Compare ticket prices in several search engines: they can give different docks and offer promotions. Key players: Skyscanner, Momondo, Aviasales, Expedia, Kayak, OneTwoTrip, Anywayanyday. Through Yandex or Google you can check if there is a low-cost in the direction you need. They are rarely present in general search engines and often sell tickets only through their website. Check the websites and airline official sites in anonymous mode and without determining your location. Prices for different countries may vary, and some searchers track your interest in the direction of the cookie and may begin to show a higher price. Incognito mode is enabled in Chrome by pressing ctrl + shift + N (cmd + shift + N for Mac). Traditionally, the cheapest flights in the middle of the week are Tuesday, Wednesday. Check on the Yandex or Google map, whether there are nearby cities and airports with more profitable flights. Here, two factors can play a role: small airports are cheaper to service and attract inexpensive airlines, and in large companies they can reduce the cost of a ticket so as not to reduce the load.

If the direction is popular in the tourist season (for example, European seaside resorts in summer, ski resorts and Asia in winter), then charter flights can fly there. Not all of them are sold only together with the tour. Availability and cost can be checked on chartex.ru.
If you are already a little desperate and fortunate enough, it is worth looking at the burning offers of tour operators. It happens that a burning tour to an inexpensive hotel with a direct ticket, transfer and insurance is cheaper than a separate air ticket. Here will help “Chip Trip”, tour operators in your area or a familiar travel agent.
Use bonus loyalty systems for ticket offices and airlines. Paying for travel, you can return some money in the form of points and miles, and then spend them on new trips. Plus, many cobrand cards are issued together with banks. Then you can accumulate points even faster and from all purchases, and not only with the money that you spend on rest.
If you are ready to fly only by direct flight and only at a convenient time, then you will not be able to save significantly. Air tickets are a low-margin product, and the stock for marketing campaigns is small, so do not expect a significant difference in cost.