Functionality and cost of the poker software Hold’em Manager 2

The main functionality of the program:
collection and analysis of statistical indicators of the user and his opponents at any stage of distribution;
the ability to synchronize and transfer data from the first version of HM and PT3 or another PC;
storing the database on the program server or in the “cloud”;
the output of statistics directly on the gaming table;
creating reports by specified parameters;
a wide range of filters for setting the desired parameters;
the ability to select data display options.
In order for the user to download Hold’em Manager 2 and install it without problems on his computer, he must meet the system requirements:
Application features and PC system requirements:
Windows XP and above;
Processor from 1.0 GHz;
OM from 2 GB;
Screen resolution from 1024×768;
Winchester speed from 7200 RPM.
Despite the fact that Hold’em Manager 2 can only be downloaded for free for thirty days, for players who prefer a serious approach to poker, there is no doubt about the need to purchase a license. The software is available in cost options:
Cost of the program:
– PRO version. The cost of the most popular version of the program is $ 100. It is designed only for Texas Hold’em and is suitable for any limits.
– Version for small bets. For the version for Hold’em with restrictions on limits, users will have to pay $ 60.
– PRP Combo 2: Hold’em + Omaha. A universal option with no limit limits for Hold’em and Omaha costs $ 160.
In order to evaluate all the advantages that the software gives to its user, Hold’em Manager 2 should be downloaded for a start as a trial version and actively started to be used in distributions. Undoubtedly, at first, the player will find it difficult to optimally use all the functionality completely, but by the end of the trial the situation will no longer seem confusing, and the benefits of the program will be noticeable. To improve performance, it is necessary not only to buy a license but also to thoroughly examine all the opportunities this software gives you.

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