Advice for beginner travelers

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How to use transport, where to provide discounts to tourists and how not to spend a fortune on mobile communications and the Internet? All these questions always bored beginner travelers, therefore pay just 5 minutes to read this article and avoid the most familiar mistakes. After you complete booking the hotels, visit the official tourist sites of the cities where you are going. Among other things, there are published special offers for tourists (the sites of Paris and London in this most revealing) – for example, profitable travel for public transport. Usually such cards are accompanied by a booklet with coupons giving discounts to partners: excursions, souvenir shops, restaurants. Bicycle rental is economical and allows you to see the city from a new direction. In most European cities, you will not surprise anyone by choosing this transport in late autumn or even in winter. Rent a car more profitable through the “shadow booking” sites, such as Hotwire. You will not know in advance the exact model of the car (only class) and the name of the rental office, but the price will be pleasantly different. You can find offers for renting a car for $ 1 per day (and even gasoline compensate), however, you will have a limited number of days and clear start and finish points. For the movement between cities in Europe, especially in France, the practice of fellow travelers is widespread, which today has been formalized into convenient services with mobile applications. Security is provided by a system of ratings of car owners and travel reviews.

If you plan to actively visit museums, art centers and educational projects, it makes sense to buy a CitiPass card that provides free access to most of these places and often involves rapid promotion in the queue and a discount in the store at the museum. Study museum sites – tickets for they can cost less and go along with the fast-track (permission to bypass the queue), and in some places that are especially popular for visiting (in Barcelona, ​​for example) tourists are admitted only on tickets for a certain time. The Metropolitan Museum in New York works on the principle of “pay as much as you can”, if you buy a ticket through the queue at the checkout, and not in an electronic vending machine. Almost all museums once a week or once a month organize free days or hours for visitors – information about this is also on their websites.
Hotels and tourist centers often offer the purchase of sightseeing tours at an inflated price. View alternative options and read reviews of other tourists can be on from Tripadvisor and Tripster.
To save costs for communication and the Internet, first of all, check which tariffs and packages are available for those who travel abroad from your operator. Perhaps for a short weekend you will have enough of a megabyte of roaming on the phone. If you plan to seriously use the phone on a trip, it is worth considering the purchase of a prepaid SIM card in place or a travel card.