4 mental disorders that occur only tourists

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With the progress of social networks in our lives, travel has become a prerequisite for those who want to demonstrate their wealth and get the approval of other people. But everything has the reverse side of the coin and you can pay in travels not only your own money, but also your mind. 9 mental disorders that can happen to those who cannot sit still and are used to leaving the house every time in search of new impressions.

The Paris syndrome
If you are asked to represent Paris, what images will come to you the very first? For sure it will be the Eiffel Tower, pastry shops with small cakes in showcases and sophisticated French women in elegant dresses. So many tourists with about these thoughts are sent to the French capital, where their expectations are shattered into smithereens about reality.
Of course, the Paris syndrome does not depend on nationality, but most often it affects the Japanese because of too obvious differences in culture. Japan is famous for the hospitality and courtesy of strangers, so outside of the home country, facing rudeness, theft and fraud, their psyche does not stand such loads, which makes it necessary after the holiday of the victims to turn to psychologists and undergo a course of rehabilitation.

Jerusalem Syndrome
The Jerusalem syndrome does not depend on religion and can touch any tourist who visited the capital of Israel. And the longer you travel to holy places, the higher the risk of starting to imagine yourself as a Biblical hero – this is how this syndrome manifests itself. People begin to attract attention: shouting prophecies, arranging scenes, sometimes behavior can go to the extreme and they can cripple themselves or others. Usually the Jerusalem syndrome passes itself after a few weeks or after the tourist leaves the city.

Stendhal’s Syndrome
Stendhal’s syndrome can wait for a tourist anywhere: in a world-famous museum, in a zoo, in a theater or just on the street, if you are lucky enough to meet a celebrity or an unknown but very beautiful person. The feeling of beauty is so overwhelming that a person in the literal sense begins to go crazy. Most often, the syndrome occurs in the museums of Florence. True, there are people who have immunity, for example, residents of North America and Asia will not go mad at the sight of European architecture or paintings, as this culture is very far from their own; also Italians have immunity, because they live among the world art and this kind of them is accustomed.

There are travelers who do not know when their next trip will take place. Everything depends on their emotional state. Homemania is a mental disorder in which a person experiences an urge to leave the house and run wherever the eyes look. During such “journeys” a person pacifies his anxiety and returns home, realizing the inadequacy of his actions. But there is also a severe form, which manifests itself in some prolonged wanderings – a man goes forward until he is left with strength. The first such escape can be triggered by a strong stress. But each time the reasons will become less significant.