New Philosophy of Successful Business

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The established rules for running a successful business are

You can and should follow them. These rules can be violated.

Increase competitiveness. Formation in order to increase the competitiveness of a permanent target focus on improving products and services allows you to stay in business and carry out the tasks assigned to the organization.

Accept a new philosophy. We are in a new economic era. Small and medium-sized businesses must give up their doubts, must learn responsibility and lead the process of change.

Quality of products. Product quality should not be determined by control. Avoid the need for mass control, “build in” the quality in the product itself.

Business is not just prices. Minimize total costs. Strive to ensure that for each type of resources used by you the sole supplier is responsible, establish long-term relationships with it.

Reducing costs. Continually improve the production system and services in the direction of improving quality and productivity, thereby constantly reducing costs.

Continuous learning. Conduct training aimed at achieving business goals.

Be leaders. The control indicator is to assist employees in solving work tasks (as well as control over the health of the equipment). Management control involves only an accurate assessment of the skills of employees and monitoring their actions.

You need to be bold in doing business. Discard fears, because everyone can work effectively for the benefit of the company.

Destroy the barriers between departments. Employees of research, design, trade and production departments should work as a team, in advance determining possible production problems, meeting them fully armed.

Down with posters and slogans. Refuse the calls and beliefs to reduce the indicators of marriage, posters with planned tasks, slogans calling for new heights of productivity. Such beliefs are created only by hostile relationships, since the lion’s share of the factors responsible for low quality and productivity are inherent in the system itself and their elimination lies outside the competence of the workforce.

Be a leader. Refuse the standard scope of work (tasks). Replace them with leadership. Eliminate the target management (numbers, quantitative assignments). Replace them with leadership.

Pride in the results. The worker-hourly has the right to be proud of the results of his work. Responsibility of the entrepreneur for absolute figures should be replaced by responsibility for their quality. Managers and engineers should be proud of the work that is being done, which means, in addition, the rejection of annual certification and targeted management.